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Listen to This – Flamingo Strings

Listen to This – Flamingo Strings

October 1, 2021

Company / Producer Name Flamingo Strings
Contact Person Anna Sarcich
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Company Website:

Genre: Music

How is a string quartet like a pizza? Flamingo Strings ignite children’s imaginations with their interactive and exciting musical journey.

“Listen To This!” takes primary aged students on a journey through the world of story telling in classical music in a casual, fun and interactive way. From hearing the individual instruments and how they become a quartet, to the ways in which music can ignite their imaginations, Flamingo Strings tell stories and teach musical ideas whilst interacting with the audience and making them a part of the musical creative process. The show covers many different genres, from movie music and computer games that are familiar to young ears, to Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, and even music written especially for the show that they won’t hear anywhere else. The children will be singing and dancing along with the quartet whilst coming away their ears switched on to the subtleties of more complex musical ideas.

The show is simply presented in any space that can accommodate the audience and the performers. No stage is necessary. The performers have just their instruments and music stands. It is preferable that the children are seated on the floor in front of the performers to remove any of the “otherness” of the performers. The children are not to be looked down on but engaged by the performers. It also allows for the children to easy stand up and sit down and move about when directed by the performers. The show works through the ideas of: What makes up a string quartet Major and minor tonality, fast and slow tempos and loud and soft dynamics (for emotional engagement) How composers tell stories through their music An engaging Flamingo Dance which has the children singing and dancing along A piece for the children to come up with their own story Q&A session Final piece that will be familiar and fun to their ears

“Flamingo strings were a breath of fresh air, our kids smiling and listening throughout the show. Their vibrant musical selections sparked witty explanations of an array of musical concepts, and simply seeing the performers up close left a lasting impression. We’ll book them again.”-Lachlan Skipworth and Akiko Miyazawa from Cygnus Arioso.
“What a lovely concert this morning. I think the kids (and parents) loved it……congratulations on today’s concert. The girls did a great job, pitched very perfectly at the age group present”
“I Thought it was an amazing concert they learnt so much and really enjoyed it and it was just at the right level for Amy it was so good I hope you can pass on how good I thought it was to flamingo strings Kate is still singing the flamingo string song!” Guildford Grammar School Year 2s
Eshika: I enjoyed Flamingo Strings because it made me feel calm and happy.
Morgan: I enjoyed the performance of Flamingo Strings because I loved their music. They were very good players. They concentrated and worked as a team.
Stanley: Flamingo Strings made me feel happy and interested. I really liked the cello’s sound.
Calinda: I loved Flamingo Strings because their bows went in the same direction when they played and that made them look professional. Their music made me feel happy and in a good mood.

Duration of performance 1 Hour
Interval No
Maximum performances per week 12
Remount: $7630
Weekly Fee: $13180

Date the performance is available from Jan 2022
No. people in Touring Party 4
First Possible Performance 30mins after arrival at venue
Minimum Break Between Shows 1 hour
Theatre formats Town Halls, rehearsal rooms, School assembly areas, gyms etc (ie: no “stage” neccessary, just space)
Minimum stage dimensions 5m x 3m
Staging and Set Description: 4 music stands and one stool
Lighting requirements house lights
Audio requirements small PA (if venue is too large for non-amplified speaking voices)

What marketing collateral is available?
Photos of the group, some small videos of musical examples, logo and marketing designs.

What community engagement is possible with this work: ¬†Flamingo strings can run workshops for: * primary school musical ensembles (ie established string groups or mixed instrumentalists); either “masterclasses” on work they are already doing or provide fresh music to work with. *classroom workshops based on the ideas put forward in the main show, with no instrumental knowledge needed. *performances in other areas, such as Disability Specialist schools/homes and Retirement homes and units.

Flamingo Strings are made up of four of Western Australia’s best string musicians. They have at least 15 years each of performing and teaching experience. They all perform regularly with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Perth Symphony Orchestra, West Australian Philharmonic, Perth Chamber Orchestra, Cygnus Arioso and other chamber groups in WA. Members have toured extensively with Musica Viva In Schools and other commercial ventures like the international headlining group London Grammar and Steve Kilbey (from The Church), amongst many many others.

ages 3-12, primary aged children. Musical knowledge is not neccessary at all.