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One and Many – Wind Quintet Plus

One and Many – Wind Quintet Plus

October 1, 2021

Company / Producer Name Wind Quintet Plus
Contact Person Stephanie Nicholls
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Genre: Music

This beautiful concert acknowledges our recent journey starting with a single voice and ending in a joyous affirmation of community and shared d music-making.

Sara Macliver and Wind Quintet Plus is a concert presentation of beautiful and engaging chamber music for wind quintet, percussion and soprano spanning nine centuries of the Western art music canon. The concert begins with a single voice emerging from the back of the venue with instruments joining gradually on stage until the full ensemble plays. Repertoire also includes a recently premiered new work by West Australian composer, Rebecca Erin Smith. Wind Quintet Plus and Sara Macliver will speak about the program with the audience to give historical and cultural context and guide what to listen out for.

“The best Festival events are surely those where much of the joy lies in the anticipation. This was certainly the case before Sara Macliver’s recital, the elements comprising an intriguing amalgam of music spanning nearly nine centuries in improbable settings and sequences…. The recital was all that one could have hoped for, superbly executed by Macliver and WQ+…” Rosalind Appleby for Seesaw Magazine
“Evolution in nature and culture ran like entwined threads through Sara Macliver’s collaboration with Wind Quintet Plus, One & Many, at WA Museum’s Hackett Hall last night. From the stark medieval sounds of Hildegard von Bingen to the contemporary work of Rebecca Erin Smith, soloist and ensemble marked milestones in the development of the Western canon, while above and around, elements of history, natural and human, tracked a similar path.” David Cusworth for the West Australian
“The ensemble captured the distinct character of each bagatelle, juxtaposing buoyant dance motifs with slow and sinuous fugue-like textures. I especially enjoyed Tait’s majestic horn solos, answered by Nicholls’ flitting, mystical oboe lines in the fourth movement, “Moon Song”. There was a lovely sense of synergy and collaborative leadership within the ensemble… What I loved most was seeing how much the musicians genuinely enjoyed playing this fun, fresh and diverse selection of pieces.” Tiffany Ha for Seesaw Magazine

Duration of performance 60 minutes
Interval No
Maximum performances per week: 3
Remount: $17,946.18
Weekly Fee:$17,195.81

Date the performance is available from January 2022
No. people in Touring Party 8
First Possible Performance Evening of an early afternoon bump in
Minimum Break Between Shows 1 day

Theatre formats Format is flexible.
Minimum stage dimensions 6m x 5m
Staging and Set Description: One & Many: Sara Macliver and Wind Quintet Plus requires a stage that is a minimum of 6m wide by 5m deep. WQ+ will require 5 musicians chairs and seven music stands. The staging includes chairs and music stands for the quintet are set in a semicircle in the middle of the stage. Percussion instrument set up is a large marimba (2.5m) and vibraphone onstage left with other percussion and music stands around them.
Lighting requirements Lighting can be very simple, basically in the form of “concert lighting”. The musicians will need enough light to read music on the music stands but can provide sconces if necessary. Wind Quintet Plus will supply floor package battery/wireless LED effect lighting.
Audio requirements Depending on the size of the venue Sara Macliver will need a headset microphone (preferably Rode HS2, Sennheiser HSP, DPA 4066 or similar). There will need to be a PA of sufficient size and quality to support Sara over the musicians. Wind Quintet Plus can provide a headset mic and small PA if required for smaller venues and community outreach performances/workshops.

What marketing collateral is available?
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What community engagement is possible with this work:
The Wind Quintet Plus mission is to bring music to communities and build meaningful audience connections. WQ+ can present an array of community outreach live music experiences. These performances can be held in non-traditional venues such as parks, libraries or aged care facilities. Concerts can be designed for specific or mixed age-group audiences and are designed to bring high-quality interactive chamber music directly to the people of each community. All Wind Quintet Plus artists are leading West Australian Arts educators from primary to tertiary level. A WQ+ tour presents a unique opportunity to bring customised professional development sessions, clinics, workshops and masterclasses to regional areas. WQ+ offers clinics for primary and secondary bands and ensembles of all skill levels, demonstrating tools for good musicianship and communication in ensemble playing. The clinic focuses on finding a group sound together through exercises in breathing, movement, listening, and non-verbal communication. WQ+ can also sit side-by-side with students during ensemble rehearsals and conduct sectionals. WQ+ also offers school concerts tailored to the age and musical experience of the audience for primary and secondary school students. Performances, which can include Kodaly pedagogy, are engaging and energetic, showcasing favourite music from diverse styles and encouraging active student participation. In addition, WQ+ offers solo instrumental masterclasses and coaching for students at all levels. Students can also see the ‘behind-the-scenes’ workings of a chamber music group through a WQ+ open rehearsal followed by a Q&A section. WQ+ percussionist Paul Tanner is highly skilled in world music percussion and can present engaging workshops on making percussion instruments out of everyday materials.

What is the ideal target market? Music lovers , Music Students of all ages