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Servo – Eleanor Davies

Servo – Eleanor Davies

September 30, 2021

Company / Producer Name Eleanor Davies
Contact Person Eleanor Davies
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I am a freelance artist working in performance and visual arts. I have written a script “Servo” a sight specific comic tragedy. Recently I have worked with Ngaire Pigram (Actress and writer) ,on the dramaturgy of the script. I am seeking ways to take this performance into production. I would like feedback the next step. I am keen to collaborate with an organisation to auspice or produce Servo. I am interested in talking with companies that work by collaborating with different regional communities. I worked for 25 years as a professional performer and community artist in circus and physical theatre. Even though I no longer perform, I am always working in arts industries and am passionate about sight specific performance. I see live performance as a vital for healthy communities. “Servo” offers a professional performance and community workshops. The structure of this performance is such that there are potentially 2 guest spots available for interested local performers. Because Servo is set outdoors it is easily adapted to comply to a number of covid restrictions. I am keen to hear how people navigate these restrictions. What strategies are people developing to tour eco and economically friendly performances? What sort of hurdles are productions faced with? “Servo” is a light and easy touring set, with the main component being the site , which could be on private property eg farmland or in an abandoned service station. This project was presented in 3 performances for the end of creative development in 2010. To re-engage this performance and take it into production and touring, I want to explore how to make it financially viable. I am constantly looking for feedback in relation to making a sight specific performance not just reliant on government funding. What sort of private investment is available? How do you orchestrate your audience payment when conducting a sight specific performance? Is it paid outright through grants, private investors and local council?

I wanted to create a powerful and dramatic story that takes a humorous look at what happens when a psychopath is left to run their own course in a remote Australian setting. I am passionate about live performance and particularly sight specific work. I see it as a boundless medium, as boundless as the viewers imagination. It also plays the vital role of connecting people and communities. And of course I love comedy and the challenges it presents in a sight specific context. Finding the right site that optimizes the opportunity for comic interactions is an essential component for site specific comedy. Sight specific performances can invite audiences to engage and interact in their environment in new ways. It is a great way to instigate new concepts and stories and allows local communities to present their own form of expression in a professional environment. I love bringing comedy into a sight specific performance. . “Servo” offers two performance spots in its showing for local /guest performers. If a community is interested in hosting a performance of Servo, then they are also offered dance / theatre / circus skill workshops, in a period of 1 week prior to the performance. The 2 performance spots will be filled at least 1 month prior to the performance with scheduling for rehearsals. The performance model of “Servo” is designed to be environmentally sustainable. This is achieved by utilizing an already existing sight for the set, utilizing natural light for the performance, (with lighting only used for the second half of the performance) and the set being minimal. Are you looking to engage in particular regional areas? Do you want to engage with particular groups, organisations or communities? This is a family friendly performance that I would love to see performed initially in regional areas, it needs to be accessible to Indigenous and non Indigenous communities.

This project will bring engaging professional sight specific theatre to remote locations. Offer local performers the opportunity to be engaged and perform in a professional production. I envision that this performance will be accessible to people that may not usually be able to access live theatre or be able to have the opportunity to perform. I would hope to collaborate initially with remote communities, Community engagement prior to the performance through schools, community groups and open workshops. Success could be measured by the amount of community engagement and feedback.

I have a script and synopsis. And know what is required for the set. The that will help illustrate the work. (i.e. sets central character is a bowser that can be animated and has a props, script reading, background or perscribed personality it is multi funtional. Due to the set being on sight it history). If you have any specific only needs a few key images to bring it into a service station. requests, or thoughts on how you would like this session to run, please I could present a visual diary of set ideas on different sites? tell us here. I would like to do an Introduction of myself and read the synopsis, approximately 5 mins and then go into discussion and questions.

The cast that was involved in the creative development was a combination of actors and physical performers. The two leads are clown/actors. And the supporting cast of four performers need to have a combination of dance, circus and acting. At least two of the supporting cast need to be confident with working at heights( rigging and circus background). The performers need to be confidant in community work.