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She is Strong – Natural Wings

She is Strong – Natural Wings

September 30, 2021

Company / Producer Name Natural Wings
Contact Person Dawn Pascoe
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‘She is Strong’ is an intimate show, which welcomes you into the hidden world of circus women. Through Circus, Photography and storytelling, three artists share their strength and vulnerability as they delve into motherhood, injuries and mental struggles; all while supporting one another (sometimes very literally). Making it more intimate is the way photography and stories of local women are shared throughout the work, making it resonate deeply within a community. Having recently performed in Margaret River showed us that the traditional touring model isn’t sustainable for this work; as we need time to connect with, photograph and interview local women before touring the show itself. I’d like to have conversations about the strength of the work plus ignite ideas to tour sustainably and engage deeply with a community.

We are seeking collaborations with presenters and non traditional venues .such as town halls and galleries. We aim to create lasting relationships while sharing in-depth conversations about community and performance. In order to realise the local stories and images to great effect, and engage with the community, we would need two artists to be in the community for 2 weeks prior to the show arriving.

There is an honesty and rawness to the work which is refreshing for artist and audience alike, and there is an overwhelming sense that the work is important and needs to be shared. The Community engagement has taken it to a new level, allowing the artists to connect deeply with a community, while empowering the participants and letting the community see the strength in their women. In my 17 year career I’ve not experienced a response from an audience like this, nor stood in my power onstage like this. It is a very special work. It began with a camping trip, a nude photo shoot and a statement of ‘Whoa, she is strong’ when seeing the image on the camera. We are surrounded by competition amongst women, and wanted to provide a show which told the truth, put our flaws on display, and showed women’s strengths and vulnerabilities – all while connecting with community. The photography, circus and storytelling fused together makes the work accessible and real, and resonates.

The reactions of the community shows the success: Men have hugged me with tears in their eyes; women have felt empowered, moved and connected to one another; Children have watched in awe then cartwheeled non stop. In my 17 years as a Circus-Theatre maker, I’ve not experienced a reaction so strong to a work. I know it is important to share, so we just need to get it out there now. The next success will be to create the work sustainably, allowing the creative team to connect with each community before performing… and doing the project more and more.