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Siren – Talitha Maslin and Ashleigh White

Siren – Talitha Maslin and Ashleigh White

September 30, 2021

Company / Producer Name Talitha Maslin and Ashleigh White in association with Gogi Dance Collective
Contact Person Talitha Maslin Contact Email
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SIREN is a unique multidisciplinary seaside performance that explores our concern for the care of our ocean. The work investigates the human relationship with the environment and the need to revive and foster a connection back to nature. The combination of sand-based dance, wearable art and an original sound composition delivers an unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages. SIREN is a national collaboration between WA choreographers Talitha Maslin and Ashleigh White (Gogi Dance Collective), WA sound designer Cr0nes (Tess Stephenson), WA costume designer Kristie Rowe, NSW sculptress Mimi Dennett, NSW dancer Viviane Frehner (Gogi Dance Collective) and QLD dancer Alicia Harvie (Gogi Dance Collective). To express our curiosity at how the plastic waste is affecting sea creatures we are creating and animating human hybrid creatures made from recycled plastics and fabrics. The work is evolutionary and sees 4 people move from the human form into the creature to expresses the controllable and uncontrollable impact of plastic waste on the marine environment. The SIREN creatures are created from sculptural headdresses made from recycled plastics and skeletal crinoline skirts adorned with recycled fabrics. The overall design is inspired by the bright, ultraviolet colours and shapes of deep sea creatures. These wearable art elements are designed to build into a sculpture on the beach which is reminiscent of a sea creature that has been washed ashore and perished.

We are interested in speaking with presenters to gain support in further developing the project, discuss performance avenues and gain feedback in how to market and promote the event. We currently feel SIREN is most suited to be a part of a broader summer arts festival, eco-minded community events, seaside sculpture and visual arts displays, and family fun days. As a shorter site specific work, we believe the show will appeal to both metro and regional festivals as it extends the reach away from the main spaces and takes the work to the beach where audience members can interact with the arts in the context of their daily lives. We believe it is strategic in the current Covid Arts landscape to present a work outdoors as it increases the ability for social distancing and reduces the risk in loss of revenue due to indoor gathering restrictions. The show is currently a 15 minute pop up performance which includes a prelude of sculptural installation and sound and a durational conclusion which sees 4 roving characters leading a beach clean up. SIREN is versatile and easy to tour with all costumes, sculptures and sound equipment able to pack down to fit in a van which is suitable to the pop-up style of performance. We want feedback from festivals and presenters to assess what best suits the programming and consult on if the show would be viable touring as a free community event

The inspiration for SIREN came about when the world was forced to slow down at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. People were spending more time outside and participating in wholesome activities. What became alarming was the increase in single use plastics as businesses were forced to reject reusable alternatives. SIREN highlights the social responsibility of plastic waste management by exploring the effect it has on marine ecosystems. SIREN shares a story of hope for the future and creates accessibility for audiences to enjoy live performance in a COVID19 arts landscape. We are driven to create cutting edge contemporary dance performances that have the ability to appeal to diverse communities. The site-specific performance allows us to take dance out of the theatre and into the public space, giving the audience a place to view that is more relatable than traditional theatre spaces. Through choreographic intent supported by custom sound design, exceptional design and attention to audience experience, we produce unexpected, transporting experiences, that embolden audiences to see local spaces and its inhabitants in new ways, to connect with each other and their environment, and to shift their expectations of art. We aim to innovate by bringing art to new audiences, and new spaces, in new ways. As site-empathetic artists we believe we are living in an age of restoration and have a deep concern for the aquatic health of the world. As citizens of a city built on the ocean we often forget how powerful and yet vulnerable the ocean is in the backyard of our home. This work evokes a sensitivity toward our interwoven relationship of our urban lives and the waterways.

SIREN was created for beach goers, families and the general public who may have not been exposed to contemporary dance previously in mind. We are looking to engage with coastal communities and people who enjoy spending time outdoors. Presenting SIREN outdoors on the sand offers an informal experience for people to engage with the arts in the context of their daily lives and access to live performance in a relaxed environment outside of a traditional theatre space. We are interested in beach cleanups, and are promoting an eco conscious message through the show. We would love to connect with community groups that work with upcycling and recycling, groups that advocate for sustainability and are developing innovative ways to support and encourage people to alter their habits around recycling and use of plastic. SIREN also appeals to experienced dance and arts audiences because it investigates the intersection between site-specific dance, sound and sculpture in an innovative way. We are very interested in working with arts organizations who have the capacity to host sculpture making workshops. We can work with all ages to create sea urchins out of plastics that are inspired by the headdresses. We are also able to facilitate movement workshops both on and off the beach and are interested in working with organizations who are interested in dance, movement and yoga.