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Space Music – Australian Baroque

Space Music – Australian Baroque

September 29, 2021

Company / Producer: Name Australian Baroque Ltd

Contact Person: Helen Kruger

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Company Website:

Genre: Music and Film

Venusian Volcanologist (means he mapped part of Venus for NASA!!) Dr Antony Brian navigates us through space and time with stunning NASA images and film accompanied by a full baroque orchestra! FILM. MUSIC. DISCOVERY.

SPACE MUSIC: Harmony of the Spheres. The so-called “harmony of the spheres”, was a concept very much alive in the late Renaissance and early Baroque and was a potent catalyst for creativity amongst musicians and astronomers alike. In this special presentation, made possible by the sponsorship of the City of Perth, English astrophysicist and planetary geologist, Dr Antony Brian, partners with Australian Baroque and invites you on a multi-sensory journey through the stars. The Big Bang – The Sun – The Gas Planets – The Rocky Planets – Galaxies and Nebula – The Moon This show was a sell-out this August, 2021 with 1200 people attending. 4 standard evening shows and 2 family shows catered for children of all ages.

A one hour concert with narration, images and film. Full baroque orchestra: strings, flutes, oboes, bassoon, harpsichord and soprano Narrator: Dr Antony Brian Film and images courtesy of NASA

“Space Music was an opportunity to marvel, both at wonders made at home and those in the dizzying expanse we occupy.”Seesaw Magazine – August 2021

“One of the many kids in the audience beats Brian to the segue, exclaiming “It’s the sun!” when the new image appears on-screen. Brian elaborates with a mind-boggling array of figures describing the sun’s composition and fuel burning capacity. Thomas Arne’s “The glitt’ring sun” follows, sopranoEmma Oorschot dazzling with her bell-like and brilliant tone, and then Handel’s Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 5 evokes the energy of a solar flare.” Seesaw Magazine – August 2021

“An explosion of sound in the cluster chords of Jean-Fery Rebel’s Le Chaos summons a panorama of burning gas and stars, nebulae and limitless space. Sound by turn fierce and ethereal explores the boundless dimensions unleashed in that moment.” The West – August 2021

Duration of performance: 1 hour
Interval: No
Maximum performances per week: 11
Remount: $4000
Weekly Fee: $18000
Royalties: 2%

Date the performance is available from: 1/1/2022
No. people in Touring Party: 16
Minimum Break Between Shows: 1 hour
Theatre formats: Stage with room for a projector screen
Minimum stage dimensions: 5m x 7m + screen for projections

Staging and Set Description:
Orchestra is only lit by music stand sconces. Spotlight on the narrator during his interjections. Full cinematic projections. Lighting requirements: Projector and a single spotlight on the narrator
Audio requirements: Mic for the narrator
Other technical or performance notes -one tech needed for projector operations and spot

What marketing collateral is available?

Audio / Film – available from September 2021
Images for social media posts / posters/ fliers
Media releases
Interviews with performers
Radio interviews with performers

What community engagement is possible with this work

School incursions
Post and pre concert talks / Q&A / Meet the scientist and meet the musicians
Masterclasses for music students / amateur musicians in schools or cultural centres/community halls

Australian Baroque is a national ensemble and early music initiative, formed at it’s core by WA-based artists. We are world-class players with a spirit of investigation and historical inspiration, bringing you stunning programs and exciting, immersive, projects. AB has recorded for ABC Classic FM and has been ensemble in residence at WAAPA. Being part of the WA community is central to the aims of Australian Baroque. This is not just an orchestra for the concert hall. Our aim is to build significant and long lasting ties with both regional and metropolitan communities. Dr Antony Brian completed his PhD in Planetary Geology at the University of London. As part of his post-Doctorate studies her worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, to further his research, mapping Venus.

Space is such a hot topic currently that this show is LITERALLY for EVERYONE! We have catered for family shows and evening adult shows with great success. ew