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The Inside – Co3 Contemporary Dance

The Inside – Co3 Contemporary Dance

September 29, 2021

Company / Producer Name: Co3 Contemporary Dance

Contact Person: Jess Knight

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THE INSIDE merges dance & digital technologies in an immersive VR experience, where audiences experience a confronting & visceral response to natural & man-made disasters.

THE INSIDE is a re-imagining of Raewyn Hill’s celebrated work THE ZONE from 2017. It recreates Japanese Architect Satoshi Okada’s incredible set, merging live performance and digital technologies with Co3 legendary composer Eden Mulholland’s score from THE ZONE. THE INSIDE is an immersive VR experience, where audiences will enter the mind of the maker, Raewyn Hill. VR is used to crack open the visual and research stimulus behind the choreography, an integral part of the creative process typically hidden in live performance. Working closely with Justin McArdle and Gareth Lockett from Frame Labs, Raewyn will create an altogether new work at the bleeding edge of immersive technology.

THE INSIDE premise is to immerse audience members in the computer-generated reactive space representative of THE ZONE’S original choreographic concept of humanity’s experience of, and response to, natural and man-made disasters. Feats of survival underpin the dancer’s movements and provide audiences an opportunity to engage in the dance via headsets, transcending traditional boundaries of space. A visceral and confronting experience of humanity’s courage when forced to overcome extraordinary trials. Exploring the distinction between physical and psychological endurance, and the delicate interplay between the mind and body, in the struggle to keep pushing despite an agonising will to stop.

Co3 are open to devising bespoke community engagement opportunities with each community around the work THE INSIDE, or via dance workshops or the ongoing tour of Under the Same Sky.

The name Co3 Contemporary Dance (pronounced koh-three) embodies the past and the future of contemporary dance in Western Australia.

‘Co’ is an abbreviation for company and contemporary. The number 3 is representative of the three parts of the company: a professional dance ensemble, an engagement program and an education program. Driven by excellence and collaboration, we have become a progressive platform for the exchange of ideas and stories that reflect the experiences of our community. With a multidisciplinary and technological focus, our company presents an annual program of works with unique physicality and expression. We seek to empower and inspire the next generation of artists through our engagement programs. Co3 Contemporary Dance’s artistic programming framework is delivered under the philosophy of Curate, Commission, Create.

Co3 Contemporary Dance was formed from the amalgamation of Buzz Dance Theatre (Buzz) and STEPS Youth Dance Company (STEPS) in May 2014 and maintains the legacy of high-quality engagement within education, youth, and community sectors.

The company has also been able to capitalise on the strong foundations of innovative contemporary dance in the state sector.