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The Lucky Cat – Monkey Brain Productions

The Lucky Cat – Monkey Brain Productions

September 30, 2021

Company / Producer Name Monkey Brain
Contact Person Yvan Karlsson
Contact Email
Company Website:

Genre: Children and Family

A delightful, clever and thought-provoking new work for families, utilising puppetry and visual theatre to tell a universal story about luck, fate  and optimism.

Alex is the unluckiest child in the world – she tries, and she tries but can’t seem to catch a break, that is until she meets Tet, the luckiest cat in the world. They set out on an epic adventure to retrieve Alex’s luck from the world of ‘Fate’. It begins in Alex’s bedroom, she’s getting ready to move house… again! One of many examples why she believes she is seriously unlucky. Packing away some old books, she discovers an ancient looking one that she never remembered owning. To her surprise out of the book comes a magical black cat… that speaks! The cat, newly named Tet, tells Alex of how she can change her luck. She must summon the all powerful Fate & complete his challenges. So they do! Fate appears and gives them their first clue sending them to Glass Lake. For the first challenge they must go through the portal hidden beneath. Through there they reach the Shadowlands, the second challenge, where they fight off dark versions of themselves. Then, for the third, they make their way to the Fire Prison where they free the majestic Phoenix who joins them on their journey. This new friend they name Beaks and becomes a key member of the team. Finally, They reach Fate’s staircase that leads them to the Cloud Palace. Confronting ‘Fate’, Alex learns the truth about luck, that she never lost it. What she gains instead are new friends and a renewed sense of agency in the world. She is finally ready to move house, the next big adventure!

The Lucky Cat is an epic fantasy adventure & to show this we use a glorious mixture of different visual theatre techniques. Expect multiple forms of puppetry, characters big and small, shadow creatures, low-fi/hi-fi theatrical trickery & a hilarious cat companion that is manipulated the entire show. Our set is made up of white boxes that shift, transform & light up to represent the different fantastical locations. It tells our audience that they too can create anything from something as simple as a box, expanding their imagination. In our last season we had audiences calling out from their seat trying to guess what was coming next during transitions, a delight for all. The sound track is beautifully composed by Rebecca Riggs-Bennet (Elsewhere/Rebecca), setting the perfect tone for the piece. She has managed to nail each location’s unique atmosphere & created seamless voice-over characters that come in an out of the story. High energy, very funny performances from the talented cast keep the show flowing, with room still held for those more quiet, intimate moments. The performers will be present before & after the performance, creating a safe, warm environment in which to experience our story.

“Beautiful storytelling, with some likeable performers and gorgeous puppets -this is a kids’ show that treats its audience as highly intelligent – never talking down to its audience and unafraid to use sophisticated language and complex concepts including fate and self-worth. …A show for children that parents love – it would be great to see this debut work have further life.” -Stage Whispers
“An empowering story coupled with seamless set design and puppetry truly make this show a unique experience. Notably, Tet stands out as a star character that engages the audience with his feline qualities. This puppet characterises its animal counterpart impeccably from fears to pastimes. Tet is a hit with the kids who watch his antics with rapt attention. The Lucky Cat is a show for all ages. It captures the imagination and reignites childhood wonder. The fantastical world that Alex and Tet find themselves in is something straight out of a Ghibli movie.” -FRINGE FEED.
“The Lucky Cat is a sweet tale of friendship and adversity with all the charm of a children’s book. The characters leap off the page and onto the stage in a quest complete with puzzles, tricks, and courage needed to find luck. With a simple set, gorgeous puppetry, and a lot of heart The Lucky Cat is the perfect show for the little adventurer in your life.” -FourthWall Media

Duration of performance 50min
Interval No
Maximum performances per week 10
Remount: $11400
Weekly Fee: $6000
Royalties: 10%

Date the performance is available from Late 2022
No. people in Touring Party 4
First Possible Performance 2-hours after bump in
Minimum Break Between Shows 90 min
Theatre formats Any Theatre space, Black box preferable.
Minimum stage dimensions Width: 9M, Depth: 9M, Height: 5M
Staging and Set Description: ‘Front-on’ staging necessary. Provided by the venue: 2x large tables. Provided by the company: 1x large black cloth, 1x large wooden box, 1x medium wooden box, 72x white cardboard boxes stuck together to form specific shapes, 3x medium puppets, 3x very small puppets, 5x small shadow puppets, 1x old book.
Lighting requirements To be provided by the venue: Standard lighting rig, the ability to ‘black out’ will be necessary. To be provided by the company: Various LED strips and torches that form part of the set.
Audio requirements To be provided by the venue: Sound system with laptop connect-ability. To be provided by the company: Laptop with Qlab.
Other technical or performance notes : 1x Tech needed for bump in

What marketing collateral is available?
A full marketing package is available from our season at FringeWorld, inc; professional poster/flyer design, production trailer, production photos, behind the scenes photos, media release, review quotes, programme designs & make your own puppet cutouts that can be done at home.

What community engagement is possible with this work?
As a new company, we are super interested in discovering what our community engagement might look like. We want to make sure it is tailored to your unique needs, but to give you an idea of what’s possible some ideas are: -Workshops in Puppet Making, Puppeteering, Performance, Writing, Comedy. – A specific ‘show centric’ workshop that explores understanding’s of luck & fate. – Post show Q&A. – Meetings with local groups. (Bringing our puppets along) – A foyer display set up of lucky (or unlucky) items.

Children aged 5-10 & their parents