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The Turners – Audioplay

The Turners – Audioplay

September 29, 2021

Company / Producer Name: Audioplay

Contact Person: Gemma Pepper

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The Turners is an immersive audio experience for kids that can be delivered in a range of different modes – as a participatory installation and/or as an experience families play at home.

Audioplay is audiobook meets contemporary theatre meets podcast; an entirely new immersive multiplayer experience delivered through smartphones that lets children be the hero of their own scripted experience. Equipped with a mobile phone and headphones players physically act out the story together, each guided by their own rich audio score and individualized instructions.

INSTALLATION Audioplay’s The Turners is designed as drop in experience for theatres and festivals. Children (ages 6-12 years) play in groups of 4 players, using simple props to play out the adventure, and our setup can support multiple groups simultaneously. Sessions can run to a structured schedule throughout the day or on a drop-in basis The Audioplay team will work remotely with Presenters, training and supporting them in the planning and delivery of the installation. This remote delivery avoids COVID-19 travel disruptions, reduces costs and minimises the carbon footprint associated with delivery.

PLAY@HOME Reaching families directly in their homes the Play@Home version of The Turners offers families a series of 4 x 2-player experiences, designed to be played at home. This delivery mode allows presenters to maintain connections with their audiences beyond the season and regardless of COVID restrictions.

The Turners is a relatively unconventional production. Being an unfamiliar offering, we would love the opportunity to have genuine conversations with presenters to understand how we can best service their needs and also take the time to answer their questions around the experience.

In creating The Turners and our other Audioplay works we are driven by: A love of great stories that kids and families genuinely love! Our experiences are action packed and thoroughly tested with families to make sure they are engaging for kids from beginning to end. When kids have a blast, we are doing a great job, and 95% of kids that play The Turners walk out raving about it. A commitment to reducing our impact on the planet. The climate emergency requires a radical response and the live performing arts industry needs to urgently reconsider how it operates to reduce our impact. Audioplay is born of a curiosity for new ways of creating compelling live and immersive experiences without the carbon footprint of traditional touring. With our remote delivery we are able to offer communities high quality experiences, where ever they are, without the need for travel and accommodation and with radically reduced freight.

We are looking to work with any presenters who have an interest in programming for children and families. The versatility of our presentation options mean that we can easily cater to venues large and small, metro and remote and servicing a wide range of audience demographics.

Audioplay is an exciting new audio production house established by the team at Perth’s Side Pony Productions. Side Pony has over 15 years’ experience creating innovative and engaging theatre and our previous works include The Pride, The Confidence Man, and The Wives of Hemingway. Most recently Side Pony co-produced The Irresistible, which was nominated for Best Play in the 2018 Helpmann Awards and enjoyed sold-out seasons at Dark Mofo, Sydney Opera House and Geelong Arts Centre as part of its 2019 national tour. Under the Audioplay brand we have produced a range of immersive audio experiences (The Turners, Into the Jungle, Alien Strike and Sun Runners). Our work has been presented at festivals around Australia including Sydney Writers Festival (NSW), DreamBIG Children’s Festival (SA), Awesome Children’s Festival (WA) and Way Out West (NSW) amongst others. Our work has also secured a number of international presentation seasons, despite the limitations of the pandemic, showcasing at Vancouver International Children’s Festival, Saskatchewan Children’s Festival and we will showcase at the Lincoln Centre in New York later this Sept. The Turners is written by powerhouse duo Zoe Pepper (WA) and Adriane Daff (NSW), based on the book series “The Turners” written by Australian author Mick Elliott. The experience features vocal performances by a number of leading WA actors including Liam Graham (Leo), Emily Rose Brennan (Abbie – Installation), Adriane Daff (Abbie – Play@Home), Andrea Gibbs (Rattle), Ben Sutton (Boa), Igor Sas, Tegan Mulvany and Henry Inglis. The Turners is brought to life by composition created by the highly talented Jethro Woodward (Installation) and Jamie Messenger (Play@Home) with sound design Perth’s own Cue Sound.