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The Wilding Stories

The Wilding Stories

October 1, 2021

Company / Producer Name The Wilding Stories
Contact Person Margot Edwards
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 Audio storytelling and Community Embedded Arts Workshops 

Listen deeply to a women’s story of connection, empowerment and liberation from despair. Lean into your own story, choose to ponder or choose to share.  Powerful original audio installation, audience engagement and optional social inclusion workshops for women in regional and urban communities.

The Wilding Stories capture three versions of a magnificent yet harrowing tale of hope: a lament in the Celtic tradition; a powerhouse call from ancient Indigenous women’s business; a melodic ballad for the soul. Each Wilding story contains fragments of many women’s stories, across diverse cultures, retold in many women’s voices. The Wilding is an original modern folktale of two sisters – The Hearth Sister and The Wild One – standing together to overpower a demonic father; enacting liberation from despair; saying ‘no more’ to all forms of violence and abuse against women in their homes, their workplaces and in the wider world. It is also a tale of reconnection, of harnessing the aspects of self, with recognising that none of us need be alone, with reaching out to call in what we need, with navigating the rocky wild terrain of change. And it is a story of surrender, of releasing intergenerational trauma; of liberating our children, of honouring a mother’s sacrifices, of daughters acknowledging and respecting their differences and their common ground, of duality in life and death, of reflection on the pain and beauty of our mother’s passing. Drawn from collective threads and woven through the lens of magic realism, The Wilding Stories allows space for women to reflect on being women, together. And behind the tale of witches and weeds and brewing discontent, lies a powerful metaphor from Mother Earth.

The Wilding Stories is an agile audio story project – an original tale of magic realism, retold three differing ways, by eight admired performers; an exploration of the nature of storytelling and cross-cultural influences in how we share and interpret archetypal tales. The stories engage women in communities in WA to listen and share, supporting preventative outcomes by breaking down isolation and empowering solidarity in the context of ‘no more’ violence and abuse. Story content is drawn from an original lyrical story written by Margot Edwards in 2017-18, from idea threads woven from a large women’s gathering on International Women’s Day. The scalable touring capacity was established in 2021 at Bunbury Fringe, MRiver Readers & Writers and Denmark Festival of Voice. The Listening Lounges vary in each community created as an independent ambient indoor or semi-outdoor space, with couches, armchairs, cushions, rugs. The project supplies an armchair, couch, various dressings. The community organiser/liason person sources space & more venue furniture/dressings to create a ‘safe quiet deep listening environment’. The audio installation runs for 1.5 hour sessions: 45 mins deep listening to the three audio story versions and an essential 45 mins (minimum) allowed for shared or private reflection/discussion. It can be heard collectively with groups of varying sizes or with 6 audio headsets in pre-booked sessions. The project can partner festivals with our touring artists team.

“This fills my heart to overflowing.” Gillian O’Shaughnessy
“What strikes me is its beauty addressing a very dark story. There are layers and layers of ways you can interact with this story. It’s so magical. The most harrowing story yet it’s so beautiful in how the women work and weave their spell, to let the obstacles in life guide them…” Fiona Horne
“The Wilding – most important key to my healing.” GG – audience Denmark Festival of Voice Listening Lounge

Duration of performance 1.5 hours – 45 mins listening, 45 mins reflection
Interval No
Maximum performances per week 12 sessions
Remount: $11586
Weekly Fee: $4645

Date the performance is available from Feb 1, 2022
No. people in Touring Party 2 people minimum (can include extra artists if community embedded workshops or independent touring artist performances and fees negotiated)
First Possible Performance 2 hours after bump-in
Minimum Break Between Shows half hour
Theatre formats Not designed as a theatre show so stage is not necessary, but could work in small intimate performance space or on stage of larger venue, as it is a flexible audio installation and experience tells it can be evolved to new ideas of presentation. Minimum stage dimensions 6m x 6m (minimum), 10m x 10m (preferred) Indoor or undercover private outdoor

Staging and Set Description: Ideally a private room/space with ambience to give sense of comfortable relaxing lounge room/café courtyard/evening bookshop or library reading room ie. Windows with light and view of trees or pleasant surrounds preferable. Indoor potted plants as alternative. Can be established on a mezzanine or screened-off private space but outside noise levels need to be minimised. Photo examples in support material links.
Lighting requirements Natural light, or ambient sense of lounge room, lamp lighting can work (not fluoros preferably)
Audio requirements Vital but flexible – two options on audio a) portable speaker and laptop supplied but can be shared through venue audio set-ups b) headphones x 6 supplied, with numerous attachments to phone listening devices (needs wifi or phone signal)
Other technical or performance notes : Two techs to help move furniture, dressings and any screens required, dependent on venue and event format.

What marketing collateral is available? – Professional poster/ flyer artwork, -professional photographs, -sample media release, -live interviews with producer/artists -link to podcast interview from Radio Margaret River, -The Wilding Stories website and social media facebook and instagram. -Promo Videography to be developed

What community engagement is possible with this work:  The Wilding Stories can work with artists across multiple mediums to join in reaching ‘many women, in many creative ways, through many women’s voices’ as: a).Sharing forward the audio stories online b).Community embedded arts based workshop with minimum 2 artists (incl one local artist), inviting audience to engage in responding creatively to the iconography within the stories, including but not restricted to direct “follow-on” workshop from initial Listening Lounge events of 1-3 hours using printmaking, crafting, weaving, sculpting with natural ‘found’ materials and/or writing, poetry or songwriting. c).Return visit with on-country Wilding Women’s creative camps – still in development for late 2022-2023. Provides choices for women and communities to participate further in devising positive creative outlets with other women in follow on workshops or return visits by the project. Provides training, employment and creative outcomes for multiple artists across multi-artforms through community embedded arts practice, stemming from the initial audio stories Listening Lounge experience.

THE WILDING ARTISTS TEAM ( for links to bios) LEAD ARTIST/ FACILITATOR Margot Edwards Margaret River based community artist working in multiple artforms, Margot has created a multitude of community embedded arts projects and performance pieces in the South West WA since 1990. Her collaborative approach is informed by over 30 years invested in improvisational practice; exploring allegories of empowerment, connection to country, spirit of place and environment and collaborations exploring status, and long term ‘outsider’ impacts on vulnerable people or places. Since undertaking professional development with PLWA and BREC in 2019, Margot has invested broadly in her improvisational practice, and aligned with powerful colleagues including Mama Kin and Dr Lynette Narkle as audio performers/co-creators (see website artists page for all artist cvs). As independent producer, she has now evolved and launched The Wilding Stories touring capacity, focussing on social inclusion and community participation to enhance women’s well-being. TOUR ARTIST TEAM Dr Lynette Narkle facilitates women’s discussion circles/panels with indigenous women in communities. Wilding Ballad writer/narrator Sari Bennett & Wild One, Tilly Kay offer poetry, songwriting & performance. Artists Jacqui Hills & Sandy McKendrick explore printmaking, sculpting & weaving with found objects. Associate producer/tech, Tamara Clements offers traditional herblore & wild weed walks.

Women in all walks of life throughout regional, rural and urban communites in southern WA. The project is designed to enhance preventative outcomes for women currently experiencing isolation, loneliness, alienation, vulnerability, violence and/or abuse in their lives and homes, with a safe access point to develop trust and new relationships with other women in their communities. The deep listening experience enables women, as sisters, mothers, daughters, neighbours and friends – new or old – to come together through the safety of story, response and reflection. The Listening Lounge format gives capacity to any women in communities to reach out and listen/support each other through solidarity, holding space to lean into personal past narratives, and explore new futures together; allowing barriers of isolation and silent suffering to start gently falling away. The Listening Lounge audio story experience is a starting point in a responsive creative process, engaging with one or more of the Wilding touring artists, collaborating with artists in regional/urban communities. Working alongside the project and participants, and with the accessibility of the website based audio stories and central online space of communication, the work of sharing narratives can develop into community participation workshops using visual arts and crafting, celebratory festival performances, discussion circles, generative women’s poetry and writing circles, just to name a few of the options for engaging and targeting women in communities to share time together. The Wilding Stories project can return to communities after sharing the initial Listening Lounge experience in order to expand audience and maximise outcomes of social inclusion for isolated individuals and accessibility for diverse cultural groups.