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Try New Things – Euphorium

Try New Things – Euphorium

September 29, 2021

Company / Producer Name: Euphorium

Contact Person: Julian Canny

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We want to talk about the program, the learnings so far and ask the group if they see value in creating a program like this in their region. TNT (Try New Things) is a program framework developed by Euphorium over the last 3 years that originally focused on addressing the social silos that women identified they found themselves in through various audience focus groups. Focus group data stated that a larger amount of women in regional communities wanted to both try new things but do so in a safe facilitated environment in which they could trust they were going to be supported to do so. From this TNT was born. Now in its 5th iteration, over 80 participants and three strategic partners. We have seen TNT grow and evolve into a framework based program that is designed to take a group of common demographics and slowly introduce themselves to participation in arts activities and community activities. Through developing a program that involves engaging artists and local community groups, the participants see themselves doing performing arts one week and then learning how to surf the next. Now with the framework receiving interest from health groups we are wanting to make sure that arts and community is at the heart of the TNT programs. In a recent evaluation: 90% said they were challenged by the program 75% said they would not have tried the activities without the program and were willing to continue to support them outside the program. 50% made new friendships beyond TNT 25% continued to be involved in one of the activities they had tried during TNT. We believe this program is a great way for community presenters to build themselves as the centres of regional community participation.

We would like to ask presenters and producers if they see value in creating a program like (TNT try new things) this in their region as an audience engagement and community development tool. Could they see benefit in using this program to build a group of followers and would the benefits align to their regions strategic plans, wellbeing aspirations, vibrancy in spaces etc. Using this model and framework we want to see presenters take a more active role as community builders through very simple steps of building programs that add value to the assets already in their communities. In addition to this these programs are also built around a venue’s existing program to make stronger connections with new audiences and previously unconnected community segments.

Euphorium is driven by creating experiences that increase participation in the arts but also any opportunities that bring people together to create shared memories. When someone completes the program they have a new connection to others who they may see down the shops, or at other events. They build a new social network and feel more welcome in their own community. Participants associate their experience with the program with the organisation who runs it/ or the venue it is held in which creates a longer relationship as they trust you to deliver positive experiences when they are feeling vulnerable.

This program has had success with women and is also offered as a program for parents with new babies up to 18 months old. Whilst we would like to offer programs for men and people who are usually disengaged with their community, there hasn’t been the support required to run a full program from the community and/or community groups. If we are doing something wrong with our messaging, we would like to use this group to help us test our assumptions.

We are working outside the sector to find stakeholders who are interested in the key elements that the program achieves through participation in arts activities and connection to community stakeholders.

We have evidence that we have been able to break social silos and help various groups (majority women) increase their participation in arts and community activities by building stronger connections and wider networks. By using this framework we want to be able to eventually see a community that allows those that are removed or new to immerse themselves and connect with the community quickly and effectively so they can contribute to the strength and vibrancy of their town/region.