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Yuck Circus: DEADSET

Yuck Circus: DEADSET

September 29, 2021

Company / Producer Name:  YUCK Circus

Contact Person: Georgia Deguara

Contact Email :yuckcircus@gmail.com

Company Website: www.yuckcircus.com

Genre: Circus, Comedy, Cabaret

Award winning home-grown heroes YUCK are back with a fresh work.  Should Expect larrikin humour, high-flying acrobatics, and a ripper night of Circus, Comedy, and Cabaret.

What does AC/DC and YUCK Circus have in common? An all-Aussie, Rock and Roll, power house show. What’s better? Is that the cast of YUCK are an absolute pack of galahs, and are taking what they’ve got and running with it, thrilling audiences and sinking a few red cans on the way. Tradies, choc milk, vegemite, and tinnies; this show is an ode to all things Kath and Kim, Bondi Rescue, and the Aussie larrikin Identity. WINNERS of FRINGE WORLD top-tier Martin Sims Award, Best Circus at both Melbourne and Sydney Fringe, and the Best Emerging Artist at Adelaide Fringe, get ready to witness a powerhouse of female circus performers kick art in the face. Get your cheeks on a seat, and get keen for a Deadset laugh.

A 50 minute Circus Comedy Cabaret. A series of acts from multi award-winning, internationally touring acrobats, themed around Australiana and rock and roll. Blended together with a mullet and wrap around sunnies-sporting MC, Deadset is a powerhouse show that’s relatable to any champ who calls this sun scorched Nation our home. The material is made to be thrilling in acrobatic skill, and accessible in comedic style. We want anyone to come and have a bloody good time, even ‘Dazza’ from down the road.

Best Circus Weekly Fringe World 2021
The West Australian Critics Choice Award Winner
‘It’s just a skilful irreverent romp!’ Stuart Moore, FRINGE FEED
‘After watching YUCK Circus I was ready to draw on a moustache, climb a street pole and do a flip while sculling a beer.’ Weekend Notes
‘Flight of the Conchords meets Cirque du Soleil’ The Stage UK
‘It is a highly recommendable, well-rounded and hilarious circus, physical theatre show.’ GLAM Adelaide

Duration of performance: 50 minutes
Interval: No
Maximum performances a week: 6
Remount: Yes
Remount: $6000  Weekly Fee: $15000  Royalties: 5%

Date the performance is available from March 2022
No. people in Touring Party 6 cast, 1 technician
Bump-in and bump-out time (# hours). 2.5 hour bump in, 1.5 hour bump out
First Possible Performance 2 hours after bump in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 1.5 hours
Theatre formats: Preferred thrust stage, able to adapt to any setting
Minimum stage dimensions (metres): 4m x 4m (negotiable)

Staging and Set Description: No staging or set. If travelling with a technician, a black curtain backstage and black curtained wings

Lighting requirements If not travelling with a technician: standard theatre rigged lighting (negotiable)

Audio Requirements If not travelling with a technician: standard theatre PA system, macbook with operational AUX chord and Qlab, wireless handheld mircophone (negotiable)

Other technical or performance notes .please estimate how many technical staff you think venues will need to supply: 1-2

What marketing collateral is available?
MEDIA Promotional and full show video, high-res images, access to designer and photographer (on and off tour), curated G-drive of promotional material. TEXT Audience quotes, 5 and 4 star reviews, posters, business cards, flyers, company and cast bios and cv’s, awards, press releases/media kits, teacher resource. OTHER Social media of approx 6000 followers (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube), website, roving/street performance, merchandise (t-shirts, earrings, pins), audience engagement activities We find that face-to-face interaction is the best marketing tools for us girls. Getting us on to the street and talking to people has a greater effect than any poster could. Creative ways we have activated our audience include handing out branded condoms with our show details on them, or climbing the balcony of the pub to say g’day.

Please describe any community engagement you can offer with this work
Each girl in the YUCK cast has several specialty skills that range across varying fields of art. Between us we have more than 100 years of teaching and performing experience and are capable of presenting several solo acts for cabarets, roving entertainments, and workshops. We specialise in teaching circus, but can also present dance and yoga programs, as well as host panels. Q+A’s, and Mixers. YUCK teaches all ages, all genders, and all physical capabilities. Director Georgia Deguara is the Kimberley Co-ordinater of Outreach programs when not touring with YUCK. Specialising in Indigenous education, she tours to isolated communities providing art and the tools of creative expression to those who do not generally have access to it. Us at YUCK love being able to offer scheduled workshops and presentations, but we find the most effective way to engage a community is by meeting up with them. Informal gatherings, whether it be a BBQ at Shirls house, or teaching the local kids to flip off the jetty, are more engaging in a short amount of time. Our careers were founded in experiences like this, and we want to keep the wheel turning. YUCK is open to collaborating with presenters what event is appropriate for individual communities and tailoring it to suit the desired engagement outcomes.

COMPANY YUCK is a West Aussie production company keen on championing the female voice across live performance. Onstage, behind the tech desk, in a creative or managing role; it’s all about getting femme-identifying individuals a hot go to show the world what they’ve got. YUCK comes from regional, remote, and isolated towns from all corners of Australia and are passionate about sharing our work and strengthening communities. Our leading project is YUCK Circus; a 7-strong crew of acrobatic gals not just throwing around women’s issues, but literally throwing women. This show has toured Nationally and Internationally, picking up dozens of awards, and thrilling thousands from the public along the way. With the success of this project, YUCK is now growing to produce new work.

TARGET MARKET: 15-35 y/o female identifying Teenagers Collectives of Women (friendship/work groups)
SHOW CONTENT MARKET: Partners/parents/kids of target market group Male friendship groups

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaVpjM3kNN6Bm2ftvaZaaOKOXA bqfGKIN